About Dr. Alok Gupta

Associate Director Department of Minimal AccessBariatric, Metabolic Surgery.

Dr. Alok is a professional laparoscopic surgeon who is currently holding the position of Chief Minimal Access surgeon at Max Hospital. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Alok is a professional is advanced forms of surgery such as Minimal Access surgery and VAT surgery. The services provided by Dr. Alok have helped several people in living a healthy and a happy life. He is also a professional and respected member of the Indian Medical Association and other such reputed organisations.

During the 20+ years of proficient experience, Dr. Alok has radically changed many lives and brought happiness in the lives of several people. With the help of more than 5000 surgeries performed by him through his precision, he has contributed towards the healthy future of the world by a much efficient way in a professional manner. For his contribution in the field of laparoscopy and many other forms of surgeries specialised by him, Dr. Alok has been presented by 12+ awards. There are many more milestones to cross and many more miles to go in creating a sustainable future where being fit can be achieved by expert surgeries on which you can easily trust on.

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There are various services provided in the form of surgeries as follows:

A hernia is caused due to any protrusion of a particular body content out of its respective membrane.

Thyroid is an organ which is responsible for the production of thyroid secretions necessary for the production of energy via various processes.

The organ which functions as the storage sack for the secretion known as bile essential for digestion is called Gall Bladder.

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