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About Us

Dr Alok Gupta, the best bariatric and laparoscopic surgeon in India, deals with
ailments linked with Obesity using various advanced forms of surgery like
Minimal Access Surgery and VAT Surgery.
Dr Alok Gupta has brought about a change in the lives of many, ensuring happy
patients and happier families with his excellent surgical skills and more than 20
years of experience. Through precision and quality services, the change
experienced by the patients has successfully helped them overcome life-
threatening situations.
We find pleasure in delivering the best services with professional assistance,
thereby promising the patients healthy and well to do in life.

Life-Changing Solutions: Bariatric Surgery

With the advancement in technology and pleasure of comfortable living, India has definitely experienced a change in lifestyle. But with this increased convenience, the number of people experiencing Obesity has increased to a more considerable extent.

There is no denying to the fact that being obese dramatically increases your chances of serious ailments, and this is undoubtedly a matter of concern.
Obesity is no more a physical problem but also a social and psychological issue that needs timely attention and treatment.
When you are looking for the best bariatric surgeon in India, you can be sure to get the best solutions for all your Obesity-related concerns at Surgery with
Dr. Alok Gupta.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Services

With the sole
aim to deliver
the best services
in terms of quality,
care and
technology, we thrive
on making positive impacts
in the lives of many under
the valuable guidance of the
best laparoscopic surgeon in India.

Healing Environment

The environment offered to the patients inside the hospital
premises help
them with easy
and quick recovery. And not only
the patients but complete
care is also taken of the companions and
family members in terms of facilities.

Advanced Technology

Our professional medical team and a well-trained staff leave no stone unturned in offering a relaxing environment for all. And when it comes to technology and amenities, the best bariatric surgeon, Dr. Alok Gupta takes help from the latest available technology for an all-round and speedy recovery.

Post-Surgery Care

With complete
post-surgery care
and follow up
system, including
dietetic care,
our team of
help the patient
achieve the
desired results.

We are the Best Bariatric Surgeon in India

World Class Infrastructure

With world-class
infrastructure and
highly equipped operation
theatres, we
forms of surgery
the best laparoscopic
surgeon in

Specialized Experts

The experts here are
specialized in performing
dedicated surgeries using
various minimal access techniques
. These ensure fast recovery, lesser
surgical pains and minimized
postoperative complications.

Lifetime Record Management

And not only this, we keep the lifestyle record of the patients after decades of surgery in order to provide valuable assistance as and when required and
guiding them to a proper lifestyle to avoid any complications to follow.

Highly experienced Bariatric Surgeons

With years
of experience
in bariatric
Dr Alok Gupta
provides you
the best solution
when it comes
to Obesity.